Truth Behind Unrealistically “Perfect” Social Media Photos (30 Pics)

There is a general unwritten rule that everyone should follow, Don’t trust the social media photos you see. This is because we have seen a tidal wave of false pictures over each social media platform over the previous few years.

We get the impression that we see a fantasy world where individuals look ideal, travel every day, consume only good food, and purchase costly clothes every week.

It can be influence, celebrities, and sometimes even government. They simply exist to show something “ideal”, which actually is not. It only misleads people that a certain way to be disappointed is only when they see these things in real life. Celebrities do this all the time with the help of Photoshop versions of beauty filters to look too “perfect”.

Photo campaign for Good American. You expect Photoshop, but perhaps at a more professional level.

29 ideal pictures are recorded below, and not “all these ideal substances” on social networks. These people, of course, do not carefully choose just the best pictures, thoughts and meetings, rather, they portray the truth behind ridiculously “flawless” photographs from online life. Some of them are very stupid. Keep looking through the looks and appreciate!

Where the water comes

I am 29 years old, and until I found this sub woofer, I thought that “without any appearance” was just a great make-up. I feel stupid now, but also relieved


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