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Talk About 4 Big Fashion Week Events: New York, London, Milan and Paris

fashion weekThere is no doubt about the fact that Fashion Week events have always remained the main want of the fashion lovers to catch some information on latest fashion trends. Especially catching the international level of Fashion weeks is the ultimate wish of each single fashion lover. Basically on the international fashion globe. there are so many fashion week events that are being taken into custody. But the main four fashion week event are named as New York, London, Milan and Paris. Let’s check out the inside history of these 4 top known fashion week events in the fashion planet!

About New York Fashion Week Event: In the year 1943, New York held the very first fashion week in their account. With the passage of years, this city became the main hub of the fashion grounds as each single latest fashion trend was introduced straight away from this city place. Each single year, New York do arrange the awesome Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that is known out to be among the big and top leading fashion shows in the whole world. They add the sophistication and elegant blends in their clothing styling that make it look so unique. Did you ever attended New York fashion week events?

Introduction About London Fashion Week Event:

⦁ In 1984, London made its way into the planet of the fashion. They are popularly known in terms of highlighting with their high end couture designs of collections in fashion week events.

⦁ London is still on the timeline where it is following the latest trends of the fashion and is still giving no competition to the New York Fashion week events.

⦁ London do make the best efforts in which they add up with some of the unique cuts and hues in their clothing style statements. This is the main reason that it do grabs the attention of fashion lovers all over the world.

⦁ Richard Nicholl as well as famous Christopher Kane and renowned Giles Deacon are some of the top known designers who have been constantly the part of London fashion weeks each single year.

About Milan Fashion Week Event: In the year 1958, Milan made its way into fashion field. This fashion event week is being supervised under the custody of the nonprofit association which disciplines all along with the coordinates and also come up with the promotion of the development of Italian Fashion. Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana is one of the most famous fashion week that exist in Milan fashion week events. They arranged the setting of their very first “fashion parade” straight away into the living room of his house “Villa Torrigiani”.

Facts Behind Paris Fashion Week Event:

Lastly on our list we would bring out the name of Paris fashion week events! Paris is popularly named as the main capital of the fashion planter and has been holding so many of the fashion tours in its custody. Each single year their fashion week events are responsible in offering with so many of the latest international fashion trends and style statements. Some of the main designers and brands who love being the part of Paris Fashion Week are Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and also the Louis Vuitton.

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