Selfie Ideas That Make You Look Good

Facebook has a lot of work – there is a choice of filters, unlimited signature options, hashtags And what should I do with my face?

Fortunately for you, I can help you with all of the following: download VSCO; click here for ideas with hella headers; only people who crave followers; keep on scrolling through all the best selfie ideas.

Whether you are proud of it or not, you took a selfie before. Probably more than once. And despite all the hatred of selfie sticks, the somewhat narcissistic habits of selfie lovers, and several situations where you have to be careful when taking these photos, taking a selfie can be good fun.

If you already do this, why not try to go the extra mile and revitalize your selfies? With our creative tips, your photos are almost guaranteed to become viral.

How not to take a selfie

Before you find our professional self-expression tips, here are a few things you should try to avoid.

1. Selfies that are too private

This may be contrary to some modern trends, but try to make sure that your selfies are not too frank. If this is a good photo, you probably want it to be published with your friends or around the world – with private photos, which can also mean inviting hackers to violate your privacy. Think again before deciding to expose yourself in this way.

2. Selfie bathroom

As with any other picture, location plays a big role here. Therefore, if there is nothing significant in the toilet / bathroom of the nightclub where you plan to take a picture, it is better to stay away.

3. Duck impressions

Although the face of a duck and a sparrow now sounds like something from a past century, you will be surprised at how many people still do it. And while stretching a funny face is likely to only improve your selfie, remember that no one thinks a duck is funny. At least more.


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