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How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally in 7 Days

Dark Circles
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However flawless your features maybe and perfectly aligned on your face, your skin may have a glow and your eyebrows on point, all these are shadowed by the presence of dark circles under eyes. Bags under the eyes are caused by certain reasons related to physical and mental stress. These include lack of sleep, working for late hours in front of a computer, mental illness and excessive tearing i.e crying and many other reasons. These are common in individuals of every age group these days due to the growing popularity of all-nighters as well as the increasing amount of mental stress in higher age groups.
Here are a few natural and easy home remedies for decreasing dark circles from under eyes.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles in 7 Day
Home Remedies for Dark Circles in 7 Day

The first thing we learned about face masks when we were young was that the look is never complete without cucumber slices on the eyes. Though it never made sense then, the increasing darkness of bags under our eyes now yearn for them too now. Cucumber has refreshing properties that not only cools the eye area, it also lightens the dark circles leaving them fresh and relatively clear. They relaxes the eye muscles and tendons and overall enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Raw Potato:
One of the most effective home remedies for dark circles is the use of raw potato to lighten them. Cut raw potato into small pieces and put them in a grinder. Turn it on and grind till they are in finely paste form with their juice extracted. Apply that extract on the dark circles with the help of cotton dabs and let it dry. Reapply if you have time since it gives the most relaxing feeling to your eyes and has absolutely no harmful effect. Rinse of with normal temperature water afterwards. This will not only lighten the dark circles but also give a rather fresh and brighter look to your eyes.

Use Eye Cream:
It may seem absurd that a cream that gives coverage for makeup can actually reduce the sour spots of your face but it is actually true. Eye creams are especially formulated to tend to the eye issues and are excellent for lightening the under eye area. The skin under your eyes is extremely thin and hence requires more coverage than the rest of the face. Eye creams also give that effect.

Rose Water:
When pampering yourself occasionally for make you feel better about yourself or just to pass time, make sure you wash your face and especially the eyes with rose water solution. Rose water has been in use over the centuries for it’s refreshing and cleansing properties. It is a part of almost every natural beauty treatment owing to it’s extraordinary capabilities. Rose water clears the eyes and gets rids of the dark circles very effectively.
Although all these techniques are very effective and at the same time natural and safe, the best way to get rid of dark circles is to remove the causes underneath their appearance. It’s very simple. Eat well, sleep ample, and stay happy! Do that and all your eye bags will be gone for good.

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