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Pakistani Bridal Fashion 2018

Pakistani Bridal Fashion 2018: Wedding occasion is one of the reasons to thirst for a woman, as she yearns for him to decorate their beauty, remembering his outrageous moments.

One of the most popular, and a dozen wedding dresses in Pakistan include, “lehnga. Lehnga is a type of skirt is worn with odhani, who, dressed in a lehnga, waist, and a blouse that is tight clothing around the waist. Blouse comes in various lengths and shapes.


In addition to lehngas, vintage designers come up with creative ideas and implement different works of art based on a cunning skills and consumer demand. Individual lehngas also well known and needs of niche-class services as they are suitable for cutting silk and velvet lehngas.


Sharara, and other trend setting wedding dress is usually used in summer wedding, and also included in the top ten wedding dresses. Bridal saries is now widely appreciated people who understand fashion, and therefore part of the summer wedding.



Sari, it is from four to nine meters, stitched fabric and wrapped around the body in various styles, is also one of the ten wedding dresses in Pakistan. He turns on the shirt, forming a vest or outerwear. Sari as lehngas is most often used as a wedding dress, as they depict the natural flow form.


Hijab wedding dress is a form of customized wedding dress, and the idea came from Malaysia and Pakistan, the hijab Bridal gown creations became known with a period of time, and it can be stitched according to various standardized active ie styles can be in the form of decorating lehnga with fine work on the choli, the following relevant scarf or it may be completely covered with artistically stitched fabric worn as a sugar or Shalwar kamiz with his head covered.


Shalwar kamiz, as our national dress is widely considered to be an option and is also one of a dozen wedding dresses for Pakistani women in particular. His pants are baggy, narrow or Churidar depending on the theme and colors. Kamiz is outerwear. Creative work is being done on it to improve their beauty.

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Gharara, similar to the lehnga is also regarded as one of a dozen wedding dresses in Pakistan; Gharara consists of Kurti, Dupatta and slacks and legs with a crushed effect on the knee so that they seem to be burning out dramatically.


All of them are among the ten best wedding dresses and most likely choice for any wholly dependent on the psycho graphic features of a woman, plus demographics, where events occur and what the theme-oriented culture of the place or incentive is there, but none of them can be regarded as secondary or tertiary.

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