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Flat Wedding Shoes 2018

Flat Wedding Shoes 2018: At first glance, this may lead to dull the mental image, but only if you have not looked at the endless variety of wedding dancers. This dazzling, really overwhelming to navigate the styles, colors, plain or printed leather (suede included), or even drawings for sports research. Well, the best artist in fashion footwear.


There are practical reasons for the choice of flat shoes for your wedding. Easier on the sole of the foot muscles that you go to the altar, and support your weight until the line can be long and difficult, if your spouse has a large family….


During the reception and dinner, you get up and down all the time. If you’re wearing four-inch heels, and then when you sit, you’ll be feeling each time the address is not required.


If you choose flat shoes for the bridesmaids, I guarantee you that they will be eternally grateful. They have only one day, just like you – in fact, more! Many brides leave early marriage on their honeymoon, leaving the wedding and the guests dancing all night. Ballerina can pass the edge of high fashion, while feeling like slippers!


After the wedding, everyone can wear their wedding ballerina for many occasions.


In particular, white, black, ivory, gold and silver ballet flats can be compared with the jewelry. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be easily decided to go with your wedding outfits.


Many ballerina designs are two or three colors, especially mixtures of metallic shades. This allows you to mix and match choice of jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids. Some women look better in cool shades of white, silver or white gold. Others glow in rich shades of gold, copper and bronze is hot.ot.

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