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Engagement Ring for Women 2017

If you want to buy an engagement ring, it can be a challenging affair particularly if you have a low budget. Varieties of rings are available in market. There are such rings which have sheer diversity; people have access to them at any price range. But it is a great trouble to find 10 unique engagement rings for women 2017. You can be saved from this trouble and you can find the best engagement ring for your partner.

To keep you save from any trouble, here is a review of the top 10 unique engagement rings for women 2017 which you should consider buying.

Find this White Gold Classic Cushion Halo Style Diamond engagement ring for your partner.

Diamond  14K White Gold

It is a classic engagement ring which will make your becoming fiancée squeal. It is 1.01-carat white gold classic model and it is one of the best in this category. Its white gold base is durable and light. It is comfortable, non-irritant, and resizable between sizes four and nine. It is 1.20 inches wide, has a large 0.66-carat white diamond stone, and aesthetic prong settings.

Find the 0.63 Carat twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Diamond Ring

Black Gold Ring with Blue Diamond

It is an aesthetic metal engagement ring which is made of polished white gold. It is 1.20 inches wide, resizable, and it comes with a 0.5-carat white diamond stone that your fiancée will adore. It is also durable and comfortable.

Here is 0.75 Carat 14K Classic Side Stone Pave Set Women’s 2017 Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are thinking for an engagement party and you are on the market to buy a new ring for your fiancée, then this 0.75-carat classic stone pave set ring is one of the 10 unique engagement rings for women 2017.

The Unique 1.67 Carat 14K white Gold Square Halo Split Shank Best Ring

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring and Wedding

This unique square Halo Slit Shank engagement ring is a stylish and different ring of best quality model made of white gold metal, a large round brilliant ruby gem, and several small diamonds. These all gemstones are 100% natural and they are also conflict free. They have AAA minimum clarity.

Find this 1.3 Carat 14K White Gold Round Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring

This is a white gold 1.3 carat 14k engagement ring which is a well-designed vintage halo style model. It has a round cut 0.5-carat AAA brown diamond. It has several 100% natural white diamonds with a classic round design that suits comfortably in the finger.

Here is the enchanting 3 Carat 14K Classic Prong Set Diamond Ring


If you are looking for a classic three-carat ring. It is one of the best in top 10 engagement rings for women 2017 under 2000 dollars. It has well polished stones – the 2-carat black diamond and 1-carat white diamonds which are fitted on this ring. They are conflict-free and they have AAA minimum clarity.

Get this 1.2 Carat 14k Twisting Curving Halo Style Split Shank Engagement Ring for your fiance

Diamond Ring 14K


It is made of yellow gold with an untreated cushion cut sapphire gemstone, and several 0.20-carat white diamonds. It is enchanting.

The 1.10 Carat 14K Princess-Cut White Gold Diamond Ring will make your day splendid

Unique Massive Diamond Engagement Ring 3ct 14K Gold

This is a unique princess cut white diamond engagement ring which is a durable and has 0.4-inch accessory. It is made of conflict-free white diamonds.

Buy this 0.98 Carat Radiant Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring for your wonderful day

All Her Favorite Colors are at Your Fingertips

The beautiful 1.04 Carat Cushion Cut/Shape White Gold Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring for you

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