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Cristiano Ronaldo Dating History

It is a common fact that no matter whether any person is associated with the entertainment ground or the sports field, each single celebrity do find them to be trap into the controversies and news stories of the media all the time. In all such celebrities we do come up with the name of top most famous Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of those football players on the international ground who has always remained the part of the media story headlines. He is the heartbeat of millions of women all around the world. But you don’t know the fact that he has remained the heartbeat of so many actresses in terms of dating timeline too.

Who Is Cristiano Ronaldo?

He is just 32 years old and is known out to be one of the top most demanding and one of the talented football player. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in the place of Portugal and has been professionally playing football for the last so many years. He has been honored with so many titles of being the main player for winning so many victories such as he is the three time Ballon d’Or winner all along with the winner of the Portuguese National Football Team.

Behind the Story of Top Unknown Controversies of Cristiano Ronaldo:

This player has remained the part of so many media stories for his many controversies. Sometimes he is known for his good deeds and sometimes he grab the attention of media for doing such actions which no one had ever expected from him. There are so much of the unknown controversies whose name has been linked with this player. Do you want to know about which controversies we are talking about?

Controversy No 1: Drinking Accuse In Night Pub In 2008:

So many of the fans were much shock when they catch the story of media about this player Cristiano Ronaldo when the media caught him in heavy drinking condition in 2008 in one of the nightclubs. It has been known by everyone that he is the just player in the football world who do not smoke and drink and has a very reputable image. Then why did this controversy happen? But later on it was unveil out that it was a false news story by that particular newspaper.

Controversy No 2: Arrested In Suspect of Woman Rape in 2005:

The next very unknown controversy that hit the image of this player Cristiano Ronaldo was the accuse suspect of the rape woman case. In 2005 the news spread out like fire that this player has been arrested in the middle of the night from his house for the suspect of raping a woman. The woman filed the report with the claim that she met him in the night pub through a common friend and he took her to the room. But the player himself refuse to accept the accuse and no such kind of evidences came up in the front line. Was it a scam?

Controversy No 3: Cristiano Nepal Earthquake Donation Was A Fake Story:

This player Cristiano Ronaldo encouraged in one of his Tweet statements that he is in full support with the activity of arranging a donation for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. But later on the story came up that the player has himself donated $8 million. However the player himself completely rejected this story of media and did clearly said in his statement that he has just encouraged the act of donation and has not yet given any sort of donations.

List of Cristiano Ronaldo Dating History Relationships Timeline:

This player Cristiano Ronaldo has been romantically involved in so many of the dating relationships in his whole life until now. It would not be wrong to say that this player surely deserves the title of the “Woman Man”. Do you want to know with whom ladies this player had dated until now?

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo Engaged with Irina Shayk: In February 2011 this player went into the dating relation with Irina Shayk. The couple is engaged right now and they are much open about their relationship as well. In 2012 the couple got married and is living a happily married life now.

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo Dated Jordana Jardel: In 2003 it was being rumored around that this couple has been in dating relation with Jordana Jardel. The couple made few appearances together while dinner out but then soon they stop getting out together.

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo Dated Merche Romero: Cristiano Ronaldo was also involved in dating relation with Merche Romero. This relation started off in the year 2005 that stayed out to be the part of media for one year only. In 2006 the couple separated off.

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo Dated Bipasha Basu: In the year 2007, on the player visit to India, he was much catch out in parties with the Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu. Their dating timeline went high when they kissing picture was reveal out in media. However the couple did not came up with any confirmation of their dating relation.

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo Dated Paris Hilton: In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo grabs the attention of the media much when he made so many of the appearances together with Paris Hilton. The couple was much talk of the town but they never accepted their relation. After few months of relation the couple disappeared.

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo Dated Kim Kardashian West: In 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo was captured for the first time with Kim Kardashian West in a party dancing romantically. The couple was many times seen together but they never came up with any confirmation statement of their relation.

Well no matter in how many controversies you would be catching the name of Cristiano Ronaldo and in how many of the dating relation he would be encountered, still he will remain the favorite of millions of people all around the globe. He is talented and best in his profession. It would not be wrong to say that his team is incomplete without him.

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