Best Funny Selfie Ideas for Great Profile Pictures

When you are obsessed with selfies, every moment in life is worth a memorable shot. Who cares whether it makes sense or not. Intelligence is subjective in any case. What is stupid for one may be a genius for another.

The selfies listed in this post are pretty dumb for us ordinary people, but I’m sure that the people who took these pictures considered themselves pretty funny, funny, and maybe even sexy.

Have you ever used leaves to tell your young daughter that nature is super duper cooler than any Snap chat filter? Do you have the courage to make a flawless winged eyeliner on a bearded face? Can you, like a queen, pout to tell your daughter that you can do it right too? Did you imagine how to ruin your child’s vacation photographs by recreating them in the most catastrophic way? If not, then you really need to check out these funny parents who amuse their children in the most fun way.

In this post you will find funny ideas to fry your children, they will probably end up blocking you from their pages on social networks, but it’s worth the sacrifice.

This post lists 15 stupid selfies that will make you cheer on your face again and again. Scroll through the views and enjoy the show:


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