10 Times Actors Couldn’t Stand Their Movie Wardrobe We All Loved

Long before she became a star for a role in the TV series “Hunger Games”, Jennifer Lawrence played “Mystic” in the X-Men prequel: “First Class”, a role she repeated in “X-Men: Days of the Future” and X-Men: Apocalypse. Her incredible appearance took as long as 7 hours to complete.

She was mostly bothered by toxic fumes of body paint and long hours of makeup. She specifically said during the interview: “I can’t even pronounce it, and it’s in my nose? I breathe it? “Fortunately, the makeup time has already been reduced to 7 from 9 o’clock Rebecca Romaine was supposed to go.

We, of course, feel all these patient stars. They were superheroes themselves. What kind of costume would you like to see? What is your favorite actor transformation into a role? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Jennifer Lawrence could not stand the vapors and toxins of the Mystique costume


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