10 People Who Look Like They’ve Walked Straight Out Of A Superhero Movie

In a world where so many people strive to be exact replicas of each other, it is easy to feel sensitive if you have a physical quality that distinguishes you – whether it is an unusual eye color or a bizarre form of a birthmark. But thanks to the body’s positivity movement, people slowly but surely learn to perceive the biological oddities that distinguish them.

And believe me, the fact that you are different from others can make you much more attractive, even if you do not think about it. The guy I meet now has platinum blonde hair, and that was what made us talk when we met at the bar. I could not believe that someone could have hair of that color – and it became more exciting when I discovered that he was a mixed race.

Some people, however, have biological quirks that are so unique that, well, the only way to describe their appearance is that they look like they came out of a superhero movie. Science could teach us a lot about the human body (we studied human anatomy from 275 BC), but these people are evidence that it will never cease to amaze us.

1. This woman’s freckles make her beautifully unearthly

And her stunning blue-green eye color makes her look even more unique.

2. An incredible look created entirely by Mother Nature

Virgilio may be unusual, but this picture is evidence that its effects can be very beautiful.


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